Envelope and Package Addressing

For non-package (i.e. envelope) delivery, your mailing address should follow this format:

Department Name
Room #, Building Name
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

Packages delivered to departments by Postal Services within the boundary of Tate St., West Market St., Josephine Boyd St., and Oakland Ave must use a campus street address and Zip Code 27412-5019. All other buildings outside of this perimeter will use their local zip code*.

Three additional PO Boxes exist for specific campus use:

  • UNCG Athletics, PO Box 26168; Zip Code 27402-6168
  • Bryan School, PO Box 26165; Zip Code 27402-6165
  • UNCG Cashiers and Student Accounts Office, PO Box 26171; Zip Code 27402-6171

For more information, refer to our list of street addresses for campus buildings.

* The one exception is for packages ordered via SpartanMart [or furniture, pallet-bound, or other equipment over 50 lbs. (regardless of purchasing source)] which we are not equipped to handle. Within SpartanMart, you will have the option to choose the appropriate delivery address and can list specific delivery requirements. Your department will be responsible for the proper acceptance of that delivery.

Contact Purchasing ([email protected]) for assistance.

Metered Mail

Metered mail is often the most efficient and cost-effective method for departments to send mail. Similar to our Bulk Mail process (see below), a large mailing will need to be sorted by the department prior to pick-up. Large mailings of identical pieces should be arranged so the postage can be applied in the upper right corner (this will depend on the orientation of the items, but all pieces should be collected in the same orientation for Postal compliance).

If the envelopes are unsealed, please make sure to keep them together with the seal flap up and unfolded to allow the meter to properly run/seal the items. For additional details, please visit our postal requisition generator.


Departments can charge postage to their department funds. To request stamps or supplies, please use our supply request form. A supply request should be submitted before the postal requisition generator, as departments will need the supplies in hand before the parcels can be properly prepared.

Bulk Mailing

For bulk mailings, rates will be assessed based on the number of items and the type of item. Bulk mail should only be considered when over 200 identical pieces are to be sent. Departments are required to notify Postal Services at least one week in advance when sending bulk mail. Failure to notify Postal Services may cause delays and additional costs! Additional details can be found on the bulk mail tab. Once your bulk mailing is ready for pick-up, notify the post office by filling out the bulk mail form.

Please note that you should be logged into your UNCG iSpartan account before trying to access any Postal forms.


Bulk mail should only be considered when shipping over 200 pieces of identical (size, weight, and shape) mail at once to an off-campus location.

Preparing the Return Address and Indicia

Return address must contain the following:

  • Line 1 – University Name
  • Line 2 – Department Name
  • Line 3 – Room Number and Building Name
  • Line 4 – P.O. Box Number
  • Line 5 – City, State, and Zip +
Example of bulk mail postage.
Example of bulk mail postage.

Please address your items in Landscape orientation. You must use the indicia printed in the right-hand corner. You cannot use a “BULK RATE” stamp only.

Example of portrait and landscape orientations.
Example of portrait and landscape orientations.

Brochures must be tabbed in center at the top if 70# text or greater. If below 70#, 2 tabs are required for a single sheet. Do not staple. All pieces in the mailing must be the same size, weight, and content.

Sorting Your Bulk Mail

Mailing pieces must be sorted as follows with counts shown on the Bulk Mail Requisition Form (see below). If your pieces are not properly sorted, your postal account will be charged $25/hr for Postal Operations to correct the mailing.

Sort to following NC first 3 digits of zip codes:

  • 270, 271, 272, 273, 274
  • All Other Zip Codes

Prepare Your Bulk Mail for Pickup

Departments with the necessary supplies (i.e. Return Address and Indicia created) may send mail at the bulk rate by following these steps:

  1. Contact Postal Services. We will make sure everything is available to send your mailing appropriately within the time frame you are expecting.
  2. Sort your mailing. The information above explains the required steps.
  3. Use our Bulk Mail Form. We will use the information provided to complete our process.
  4. Please bundle (rubber band is preferred) or clearly indicate the start and ending of each grouping.
  5. Send all items to Postal Services with a completed Bulk Mail form.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your bulk mailing, please call Postal Services at 336.334.5247.


Business Reply Mail (BRM) is a service available to all University departments through Postal Services in association with Spartan Printing. This service allows departments to provide a recipient with the business version of a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) without having to pay standard postage for each reply. Just a few examples are for departments seeking to encourage return response for survey data or those needing to collect documents/receipts. The department will only be charged for any pieces of Business Reply Mail returned.

BRM pieces may include envelopes, flats, and postcards.

Though not required, Bulk Mail can also be utilized for the initial sending to further reduce cost (standard requirements apply). Please visit the Bulk Mail tab for more information regarding details and departmental steps to properly utilize the service.

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