As the primary credential for not only personal identification, but also all official door access, your SpartanCard is needed to enter many buildings at the University.


Students will not normally need to request access to move about campus. Residential dorm and any specific classroom access needs will be assigned internally in collaboration with members of Housing and Residence Life, Building Coordinators, and Academic Affairs respectively. Any special access will need to be coordinated between the requesting Department Access Coordinator (DAC) and the Door Access Manager.

If you live in a residence hall and need assistance during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM), you should call or visit Housing and Residence Life in Ragsdale/Mendenhall hall (336.334.5636). For assistance after hours, please visit the Locked Out/Lost Keys? site for assistance. Additionally, the attendant window on the 3rd floor of the Walker Parking Deck can assign temporary cards after hours and over the weekend.* Lock Out and Temporary Cards must be returned to the location from which they were assigned.

* If the Walker Parking Deck attendant window is not open/available after 5:00 PM, please contact the following number to secure meal access: 336.814.9099. This number is available Monday through Friday, until 7:00 PM. Weekends from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, then again from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM.


Employees in buildings originally constructed with or upfitted to Transact Door Access will use the SpartanCard to enter (with departmental approval) the building outside of Standard Academic Building (SAB) hours (Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM; unless specific building/department requirements dictate otherwise).

If your office/department plans to move to a building which already has or your building will transition to Transact Door Access, we ask that Department Head(s) please email [email protected] (as well as the Door Access Manager) to begin the consultation process before the move/transition is complete. This will allow time for the Door Access Manager to collaborate with Department Head(s) for:

  • Proper consideration of access plan(s) needs
    • Discussions of schedule, permissions, etc.
  • Designation of and training for Departmental Access Coordinators (DACs)
  • Specification of Initial Users

The DACs will be the only individuals from which the Door Access Manager accepts access requests and/or schedule modifications. Additionally requests should be directed to [email protected] as well as the Door Access Manager. To schedule University events in your building outside of Standard Academic Building (SAB) hours, please use the Astra scheduling system.

If your building has not yet been upfitted to or originally constructed with Transact Door Access, you will continue to use the deprecated Millennium system. Access to this magnetic swipe system is granted through Facilities Operations – Lockshop.

In the event of an emergency, University Police should be contacted at 4-4444 from any on-campus phone, or 336.334.4444 from any off-campus phone.

Transact related logos.


Bookstore Bucks is an account on your SpartanCard. With Bookstore Bucks, you can add up to $750 per semester on your SpartanCard for use in the UNCG Bookstore in the Elliot University Center. These funds are charged to your student account and reconcile against any credits you may have, including financial aid and scholarships. Get your school textbooks without waiting for a check!

Please Note

  • Bookstore Bucks must be requested at least 24 business-hours before you order your books.
  • Bookstore Bucks are governed by the SpartanCard Center’s refund policies.
  • Bookstore Bucks are available for Fall, Spring, and Summer (both sessions as one deposit).
    • If not using/fully covered by Financial Aid, your Bookstore Bucks must be paid through Cashier’s Office before you can register for your next Term.
  • Your card can only be used for Bookstore Bucks if you are a current student. If you are between semesters and an “inactive” student you may have issues spending your Bookstore Bucks. Please contact the SpartanCard Center if you need support.


To receive a Faculty/Staff SpartanCard, please see our page on getting a SpartanCard. Your new card identifies you as an employee of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Here are some of its other uses:

  • This is your library card. You can use your SpartanCard to check out materials from any of the campus libraries.
  • Save 5% when you use your SpartanCard at other on-campus Dining Locations (excludes Fountain View Restaurant). Save 15% when you use Spartan Express at the EUC Food Court!
  • Receive a 20% discount on select merchandise when you present your SpartanCard at the UNCG Bookstore.


While Faculty and Staff may use SpartanCard Online for fund deposits to SpartanCash and Flex, Flex is not designed for Faculty and Staff use. Flex is a ‘default account’ on the SpartanCard and is designed for students.

Adding Funds to Your SpartanCard

There are a few ways to add funds and meals to your card:

  • SpartanCash
    SpartanCash can be added at the SpartanCard Center, Fill Locations, over the phone (336.334.5651), as a monthly credit through our payroll deduction form, or instantly via SpartanCard Online.
  • Spartan Express, Standing Reservations (Meal Plans)
    Spartan Express funds can be added manually through the SpartanCard Center, over the phone, or automatically through payroll deduction. These funds can be used at dining locations and never expire while you are employed at the University. Five Faculty & Staff specific Standing Reservation meal plans are also available.

Please Note: Adding Flex through SpartanCard Online is not the same process and will not grant the 15% discount mentioned above.

In addition, you can use SpartanCard Online to check balances on your card.

The SpartanCard Center

The SpartanCard Center can issue new cards, replace lost or stolen cards, deposit funds, or assist you with any SpartanCard questions you may have. We are located in the UNCG Business Center, 106 Moran Commons.

Hours of operation and contact options can be seen here.

Fill Stations (Cash-to-Card Machines)

Fill Stations can be used to load SpartanCash onto your SpartanCard. The SpartanCard Center has one Fill Station, located in the Jackson Library (Cash-to-Card and UNCG Guest Card Purchases)

Where Can the SpartanCard be Used?

The SpartanCard can be used all over campus. Locations and partners include:

Please note that the SpartanCard cannot be used at the cashier’s office to reconcile student accounts.


SpartanCard Online can be accessed using your iSpartan username and password. If you are a SpartanCard holder, you can:

  • Deposit funds to SpartanCash or Flex using a Visa® or Mastercard® at $0.75 per transaction.
  • Freeze/lock a lost or stolen card.
  • Verify your current meal plan, meal plan usage, and balances.
  • View monthly activity statements by tender for any SpartanCard fund.

Family, Friends, and Others

You may gift funds to a SpartanCard holder by using the “Guest Deposit” feature as long as the target SpartanCard holder has logged into SpartanCard Online at least once. To do so, you must know the cardholder’s email address and their current SpartanCard number.


If the cardholder has specified a custom, “preferred,” email address within UNCGenie you must contact the cardholder to obtain their information. We are unable to disclose cardholder information over the phone. If they have not specified a custom email address, SpartanCard Online will use their @uncg.edu email account by default.


SpartanCash is the universal account on your SpartanCard. It can be used for food, services, and at retail all over campus. Check out the Locations tab for more information.

How to Put SpartanCash on Your SpartanCard

Method I – SpartanCard Online

  1. Visit SpartanCard Online.
  2. If you are a SpartanCard holder: login using your iSpartan ID.
    Family, friends, and others: you may gift funds to a SpartanCard holder by using the “Guest Deposit” feature as long as the target SpartanCard holder has logged into SpartanCard Online at least once. To do so, you must know the cardholder’s email address and the 16 digit number of their current SpartanCard.

    NOTE: If the cardholder has specified a custom, “preferred,” email address within UNCGenie you must contact the cardholder to obtain their information. We are unable to disclose cardholder information over the phone. If they have not specified a custom email address, SpartanCard Online will use their @uncg.edu email account by default.
  3. Select the fund you wish to deposit to (SpartanCash or Flex).
  4. Use a valid Visa® or Mastercard® to complete your deposit.

Method II – Cash

Fill Station

  1. Go to the Fill Station in Jackson Library.
  2. Insert your SpartanCard in the card reader.
  3. Wait to see your SpartanCash balance.
  4. Put in any combination of $1, $5, $10, or $20.

SpartanCard Center

  1. Go to 106 Moran Commons.
  2. Bring cash and your current SpartanCard.
  3. Ask the cashier to deposit your specified amount into SpartanCash or Flex.

Method III – Telephone

  1. A SpartanCard holder, their family, or their friends may call the SpartanCard Center at 336.334.5651 to add money using their Visa® or Mastercard®.
  2. Please note that the Visa® or Mastercard® holder must present their own credit card information over the phone. We are unable to accept card information from anyone other than the primary card holder, even with their permission.
  3. The information that will be requested from the caller is:
    • SpartanCard Number
    • SpartanCard Holder’s Name
    • Credit Card Number
    • The first 3-digits of the Credit Card billing street address
    • The zip code of the Credit Card billing address
    • The exact amount to be added to the card
  4. Funds may be added over the phone Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. To see a list of holidays the office will be closed, click here.

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